York University National Security Support Helpline


The York University National Security Support Helpline (YUNSH) is a free support service for York students who have been approached by the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or local/province police for an informal interview unrelated to a criminal investigation or prosecution. The goal of the service is to provide students with a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities related to voluntarily meeting with law enforcement or national security agents.

Why does York need a National Security Helpline?

National security agents, most often employed by CSIS, have been reaching out to university students at Canadian campuses in response to questions surrounding radicalization. This outreach can cause fear and anxiety for those who may feel targeted or unsafe. Now, York students can call the YUNSH to be connected to volunteer lawyers who will provide limited legal consultation at no cost.

How does the Helpline work?

A student who has been approached by national security agents or law enforcement about issues unrelated to a criminal investigation or prosecution may call the private YUNSH number and be connected directly with CLASP, which will assist in connecting them with a lawyer who can provide advice.

Who can use the Helpline?

This service is available to registered York students, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, race, gender, religious identity or ideological viewpoint.

Is the YUNSH secure?

Yes. Conversations with CLASP lawyers are confidential and privileged. YUNSH aims to connect students with a lawyer or legal expert for consultation.

YUNSH is facilitated by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and run by Osgoode’s Community & Legal Aid Services Program (CLASP). This service is also part of a partnership with the National Security Student Support Hotline offered by Institute for Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto.