Areas of Focus

After initial consultations with the surrounding community and organizations, we are currently focusing our services in five major areas – family, housing, youth, campus, and personal or professional issues. However, our free conflict resolution workshops and coaching sessions are not limited to these five areas, and are available for any conflict area.

Please contact us directly so that our trained student mediators can determine is we are able to assist you.

Family Conflict

  • We mediate family conflicts involving inter-generational issues, disciplinary issues, and disagreements between family members.
  • We conduct mediations for parties to develop parenting plans.
  • We respect the principle that each family is unique and that parents have the right to manage the family’s affairs as they see fit.
  • We have established partnerships with community family organizations to provide conflict resolution workshops to youth and parents, legal workshops relating to custody and access issues, and anger management workshops.

The mediators at the Osgoode Mediation Clinic are capable of assisting with a variety of family issues including:

  • Parenting plans/agreements
  • Intergenerational conflicts
  • Communication issues between partners

Issues requiring legal advice that are not suited for the Osgoode Mediation Clinic are:

  • Domestic violence
  • Separation and/or divorce proceedings
  • Child custody and access disputes

Housing Conflict

  • We mediate all types of housing-related disputes facing the community, both public and private, including: Tenant-Tenant disputes, Landlord-Tenant disputes, and disputes within housing organizations such as tenant committees.
  • We provide mediation services to landlords and tenants, in respect of tenants and private landlords, as well as between tenants and landlords as subsidized housing organizations.
  • We provide conflict resolution training and workshops to tenant groups and staff of apartment buildings and housing complexes.
  • By helping tenants and staff understand how to resolve conflict independently, inter-personal relations and safety in the community can been improved.

Youth Conflict

  • We mediate conflicts that arise in schools involving bullying, disciplinary issues, conflicts between teachers and students, and conflicts between student groups.
  • We have established partnerships with middle schools and youth-focused organizations to offer training and education to youth on conflict resolution at school and at home.

Campus Conflict

  • We mediate conflicts that arise on York University campuses involving students living in residence and off-campus, as well as those on sports teams and those involved in campus clubs.
  • Available only to York University students (all campuses).

Personal and Professional Conflict

  • We provide confidential one-on-one conflict resolution coaching for a wide range of personal issues or disputes.
  • We mediate a variety of workplace disputes, including: Employee-Employee disputes and Employer-Employee disputes. Workplace mediation and conflict resolution services are designed to leave the parties better able to work together.