Services and Accommodations

Osgoode and the wider York University community provide services and accommodations for students with physical, medical, sensory, mental health or learning disabilities. Examples of relevant academic supports include:

  • The Dean’s Scribes Program, which pairs anonymous volunteer scribes with students who require the assistance of a note-taker
  • Audio recordings
  • Alternative exam arrangements
  • Technical assistance and adaptive technologies

Outside the classroom, services may include accessible parking, attendant care or registration assistance. The library also provides accessibility services.

York’s Student Accessibility Services also provides a range of specialized services to students with disabilities.

To receive services and accommodations, please identify yourself as someone with a disability by registering with York University’s Student Accessibility Services, as well as by contacting Nancy Sperling at Osgoode’s Programs and Records Office (PRO). The self-identification process includes providing appropriate documentation concerning your disability. We encourage you to take these steps as soon as you accept Osgoode’s offer of admission.

Funding for Students with Disabilities

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