International Students

Osgoode welcomes students from all over the world. International students benefit from our innovative academic programs and engagement with our highly regarded faculty, while adding to the diversity of our campus community.

The Osgoode JD program has international exchange agreements with more than 20 partner institutions, enabling students to study at Osgoode for a term or an entire academic year.

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Osgoode’s graduate programs accept international students seeking to conduct original, faculty-supervised research leading to a thesis. Our research-stream LLM and PhD programs are well suited to students who wish to pursue a specific avenue of legal study in depth, potentially as a step toward a career in academia.

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Internationally trained lawyers can build their Canadian legal knowledge and credentials through Osgoode in a number of ways.

Practise Common Law in Canada

  • OsgoodePD has the largest array of programs in Canada for internationally trained lawyers and we understand the complexities of accreditation. For more information on accreditation requirements please visit our Practise Law in Canada page.
  • Osgoode grants admission, as non-degree students, to internationally trained lawyers whose law studies and experience have been assessed by the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA), and who wish to satisfy their Canadian JD equivalency requirements through courses at a law school. Learn more ›
  • Osgoode Professional Development (OsgoodePD) is the only Canadian law school to offer the NCA Online Exam Prep Program, specially designed for internationally-trained lawyers planning to write the National Committee on Accreditation’s examinations. OsgoodePD also offers a wide range of non-credit courses to help internationally trained lawyers study specific topics in Canadian law.
  • Pursue the Canadian Common Law LLM, a Professional LLM program offered by Osgoode Professional Development that includes the courses required by the NCA.

Specialize with a Professional Graduate Degree

  • In addition to the Canadian Common Law LLM, OsgoodePD offers a range of other course-based Professional LLM programs for Canadian and international lawyers, as well as experienced professionals who deal with legal issues and risks. Blending theory and practice in its robust course of study, this program includes part-time and full-time study options. This program is intended for those with relevant professional experience, with research and writing requirements completed within the courses comprising the program. Please note that not all OsgoodePD Professional LLM programs enable you to practise law in Canada. For a research-focused LLM, see our graduate programs.