Access and Support

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To achieve our goal of increasing the range of students who are able to attain an Osgoode education, we have implemented a number of programs to support students physically, mentally and financially. Osgoode’s renovated building is barrier-free and the Law School offers accommodations for students with different physical and learning needs. Included in a range of programs and services to support students are:

Financial Support

Osgoode’s Student Financial Services provides students with a number of different options on how to fund their legal education, including: government assistance programs; scholarships, awards and prizes; and the Osgoode bursary program.  We also have developed some unique programs that provide assistance from the point of application to graduation:

Free LSAT Preparation Course

ALL: Access to Law and Learning is a free LSAT prep course for high potential undergraduate students with limited financial resources.

Income Contingent Loans

As part of our commitment to promoting the financial accessibility of law school, Osgoode has designed an innovative Income Contingent Loan Program (ICLP) that provides recipients with bursary and loan funding to cover the entire cost of tuition. In each year of the pilot program, Osgoode will select five to seven eligible students to participate in the ICLP. Recipients will not pay any tuition while they are law students, but will agree to repay the entirety of their loan after graduation over a 10-year period. Contingent on their income level in any of the years of the repayment period, the loan repayment for those years may be forgiven in whole or in part. Former Dean Lorne Sossin describes his vision for this program in his blog. For more information on the program, the application and selection process, and repayment features, please visit our Financial Services page.

Research Assistant Positions for High-Need Students

Students can apply to work with an Adjunct Faculty member on a course development. Positions are available in the summer and the hours are flexible.

Back-End Debt Relief – Wendy Babcock Social Justice Award

This award will be given to students graduating from the JD program who have incurred significant educational debt in order to pursue their legal education; demonstrated a commitment to serving the public interest (e.g. relevant academic, work and volunteer experience); and intend to pursue a career in social justice.

Read more on the Financial Services web page.

Academic Support

Recognizing the important relationship between academic, professional and personal success, we offer a full complement of resources and support to ensure you maximize your potential in all of these realms. Our Associate Dean (Students) will help to ease your transition into law school and encourage your academic achievement through:

  • An Academic Success Program comprised of skills sessions such as exam writing and note-taking
  • The Dean’s Fellows Program which matches an upper-year student mentor to each first-year course
  • Individual consultation to address personal, academic concerns

We can also provide in class and exam accommodations to ensure an equitable learning environment for those who face challenges because of physical, medical, sensory, mental health or learning disabilities. One example is our Dean’s Scribes Program which was created to pair anonymous scribes with students who, because of their disability, require the assistance of a note-taker.

Student Success and Wellness Counselling

Our Success and Wellness Counsellors, are professional counsellors and former practising lawyers.  Their role is to help students develop and fulfill their personal and academic potential while at Osgoode by providing confidential:

  • Short-term individual counselling for stress, anxiety or depression
  • Wellness groups and workshops
  • Referrals

Also visit for more information.

Extended Time Program

Osgoode is committed to enhancing the accessibility and flexibility of the JD Program to a wide range of students.  The Extended Time Program (ETP) allows students whose life circumstances prevent them from engaging in a full-time study program, to reduce their courses to approximately half the required course load.  Such circumstances would include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Family obligations such as childcare, or care of elderly, ill or disabled family members
  • Temporary or long-term illness or disability
  • Financial hardship

Visit the Extended Time Program web page to learn more.

Career Development

The Career Development Office (CDO) assists Osgoode students in charting their career paths and in pursuing and achieving their long-term career goals.