Juris Doctor:
Academic Program

Studying at Osgoode will transform how you think about collaboration and conflict, equity and individual rights, how law shapes entitlements, as you learn to break through the barriers to progress.

Courses and Seminars

Explore the more than 150 lecture courses and interactive seminars Osgoode offers, ranging from traditional subjects to emerging legal fields.

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Clinical Programs

Osgoode launched the first-ever Office of Experiential Education at a Canadian law school, and remains a Canadian leader in clinical legal education.

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International Programs

Osgoode students have access to a range of international study opportunities, including for-credit full-term or full-year placements with our partner law schools, summer abroad programs and other experiences.

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Research and Other Projects

In addition to completing coursework and experiential learning opportunities, Osgoode students can earn credit toward their degree by developing a research paper, serving as a senior editor for an Osgoode-based law journal, or taking a graduate course in another York University faculty. Contact the Programs and Records Office for details.

Degree Requirements

Get a complete overview of all the essential components of an Osgoode degree, including the first-in-Canada Osgoode Public Interest Requirement and the Indigenous and Aboriginal Law Requirement.

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Experiential Learning

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Your Flexible JD Path

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