What We Do


  • A voluntary process for resolving disputes, where a neutral third person (the mediator) helps individuals with a conflict (the disputants or parties) resolve their conflict outside of the court system.
  • A completely confidential process. What is said in the mediation cannot be used in court and cannot be shared without permission. By keeping the mediation confidential, parties are free to express their thoughts and concerns to reach the best solution possible.
  • Through mediation, both parties can come to a “win-win” resolution and feel good with the outcome. Disputes and conflicts that go to court rarely end with this kind of successful outcome.
  • Mediation saves time and money compared to litigation.

Conflict Resolution Training and Coaching

We provide training and education to students and community groups on how to resolve conflict themselves and how to prevent a conflict from turning into a full dispute. Training seminars are catered to each community group’s specific needs and interests.

Here are examples of some of the workshops and training sessions that are offered free of charge:

Conflict Workshops – “How to fight back against bullying and verbal attacks”

    • Our Conflict Workshop seminars are entertaining, informative and teach practical strategies to manage verbal attacks and find solutions to your ‘uphill battle.’
    • “Fight Back” seminars assist individuals with improving their competency in conflict management. It is a dynamic and practical seminar where individuals build their capacity to develop creative and constructive ways to hand conflict and resolve disputes that negatively impact their academic or personal lives.

Conflict Coaching

    • Conflict coaching assists individuals with improving their competency in conflict management. It is a dynamic, practical and productive process in which individuals learn how to resolve conflict and effectively handle confrontation both personally and professionally.
    • Conflict coaching is a confidential and voluntary process in which a mediator or coach works with an individual on a one-on-one basis to examine their conflict management styles, increase their effectiveness at resolving disputes and build confidence in handling conflict.
    • Whether you are having difficulties with a friend, roommate, family member, professor or schoolmate, conflict coaching can provide you with the essential knowledge to help you better resolve your disputes.