Business Associations

Quick Info
(2020.04)  Course
S. Ffolkes-Goldson; Adjunct Professor
4 credit(s)  4 hour(s);
Remote (Zoom), Lecture, Discussion, Presentation(s), Assignment(s), Problem-Solving.
Mode of Delivery: This course will preponderantly be run remotely on Zoom, with periodic in-person classes (averaging either one or two classes per month). A physical room at Osgoode will be assigned for the course where students can do the classes if they are at Osgoode, rather than only having the option of joining from home.
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

Following a brief examination of sole proprietorships and partnerships, the course  will examine the corporate form of association, with particular reference to the Canada Business  Corporations Act. The course will emphasize such matters as: the corporation as a distinct entity  from its shareholders, the creation and organization of the corporation, shareholders’ rights and  
roles, management and control of management within the corporation, capital structures,  corporate governance, the purpose of the corporation, stakeholder theory,  corporate social  responsibility and ESG; and the enforcement of corporate duties through the oppression remedy,  shareholder derivative actions and other remedies.