Commercial Law

Quick Info
(2030.04)  Course
Professor B. Geva
4 credit(s)  4 hour(s);
Lectures, discussion
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

This course focuses on secured credit in lending, wholesale and retail sales transactions and touches upon related areas. Coverage includes a brief introduction to the law of sale of goods, insolvency, suretyships, and selected aspects of the law that govern securities transfers, mostly all in the context of secured credit. Most of the course will deal with the financing of commercial and consumer transactions, particularly secured credit under the Ontario Personal Property Security Act. The course will combine statutory interpretation and legal principles as they operate throughout commercial transactions.

Neither a prerequisite nor a co-requisite is required or recommended, and the course is appropriate for students who start their second year at Osgoode. Those who wish to take upper year business law courses are encouraged to take it quite early in their upper year law studies.