Comparative Law: Indigenous Legal Traditions

Quick Info
(3040P.03)  Seminar
Professor A. Boisselle
3 credit(s)  2 hour(s);
Seminar Presentation: Seminar, with a student participation component (i.e. primarily discussion-based and interactive instead of lecture-based). Class time may involve class exercises and activities, and may include a film and a discussion with a guest speaker, as available. This seminar satisfies the Indigenous & Aboriginal Law requirement.
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

This seminar will introduce students to non-state Indigenous legal orders. Using a transsystemic pedagogical model and a wide range of reading materials (legal cases, methodology, pedagogy, anthropology, theory) students will critically explore the theories and practices of indigenous legal traditions through analysis and substantive treatment of: indigenous sources of law; oral histories and traditions (as legal archive); legal cases and precedent; modes of reasoning and interpretation; and authority and legitimacy.