Entertainment & Sports Law

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(3840.03)  Seminar
T. Duarte; Adjunct Professor
3 credit(s)  2 hour(s);
Synchronous online seminar, discussion
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

This seminar will cover substantive law issues in the practice of law in the entertainment and sports industries, with a particular focus on applying legal principles to film, television, and digital media production and distribution.  

We will review relevant legal concepts in the areas of contracts, copyright, trade-mark, confidential information, defamation, rights of privacy and personality, tax, insurance, secured lending, labour relations, and media regulation as applied to entertainment and sports contracts.  We will study typical contracts in which these legal concepts are applied, as well as business and legal customs and practices that impact the negotiation process across a spectrum of entertainment and sports industry agreements.  

The intersection of legal concepts with artistic, athletic, political, economic and commercial concerns in these industries will also be studied to better understand the context of legal practice.  This will include an examination of key business risks, evolving production and distribution/exhibition models, shifting media markets, competing paradigms of authorship, and the challenges of describing the public interest.    

In-class client advice simulations will be used to demonstrate the concepts and practice issues that are studied.  This will include simulations dealing with a copyright infringement allegation, book-to-movie adaptation agreement,  breach of privacy claim, endorsement agreement, music license, and television broadcast license.

The course materials will include excerpts of texts and journal articles in this practice area together with relevant legislation and case law.  This seminar will be of particular interest to students considering the practice of entertainment, sports, or media law; those interested in labour relations in a predominantly freelance industry; and/or those interested in intellectual property and how substantive intellectual property legal issues are resolved in commercial practice.