Labour & Employment Law

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(2315.04)  Course
Professor E. Tucker
4 credit(s)  4 hour(s);
Synchronous online lecture, discussion
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

The COVID-19 pandemic has put labour and employment law in the spotlight, raising questions about job-protected sick and caregiving leaves, temporary lay-offs and health and safety on the job.  In order to address these controversies, it is necessary to have a foundational understanding of labour and employment law, which this course aims to provide.  This field of law includes the common law governing the individual contract of employment, minimum standards legislation and regulations, employment discrimination, and collective bargaining law. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms as it pertains to labour and employment law will also be explored, as will transnational law, including that generated by the International Labour Organization and labour protection clauses in international trade agreements. In addition to law, the course examines the role of legal institutions, including government departments such as ministries of labour, administrative tribunals, such as labour relations boards and human rights tribunals, grievance arbitrators and courts, It also is attentive to the historical, social, economic and political context within which labour and employment law is created, operates and is enforced.  The course is an excellent option for students seeking an overview of the field, and also provides a good foundation for those wishing to take more advanced courses in the area.

The course will be taught on Zoom however a few times have been reserved for in-person meetings at hours when there are no other regularly scheduled classes.  I will provide more detailed information on how those times will be used at the beginning of the course. Any large class meetings (potentially 3) will be recorded and made available to all students.