Litigation Dispute Resolution and the Administration of Justice Colloquium

Quick Info
(5007.03)  Seminar
J. Fabra-Zamora; Adjunct Professor
3 credit(s)  2 hour(s);
Student presentations, interactive group exercises, and discussion
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

This seminar is the capstone course for the Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and the Administration of Justice (LDA) Stream. It provides the opportunity for students to develop and refine a major research paper in collaboration with their peers and the instructor. The seminar is designed to help students bring together the cumulative knowledge and skills they have obtained in courses in the LDA stream, to further develop their critical thinking and writing abilities, and to provide an opportunity to improve skills associated with collegial interaction, including the ability to constructively engage with colleagues’ work. The seminar proceeds in three phases. The first phase focus on the selection of topics, the development and refinement of the research question, and research methodologies. Students will then present their paper proposals to the class for comment and discussion and prepare a formal commentary on one other proposal. In the second phase, students develop the structure and substance of their papers. Based on the feedback and further research, students will prepare and present an outline and receive feedback on their analysis, argument, expository strategy, and literature engagement. In the third phase, the students will participate in intensive editing workshops to provide them with techniques for improving the quality of their writing, discuss the relevant LDA literature, and address objections and comments. The seminar’s final session will be a roundtable in which all students will have the opportunity to engage with advanced drafts of their papers.