Litigation Dispute Resolution and the Administration of Justice Colloquium

Quick Info
(5007.03)  Seminar
Professor J. Walker
3 credit(s)  2 hour(s);
Student presentations and discussion
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

The LDA Colloquium provides students with the opportunity, in collaboration with their peers, to develop and refine a major research paper, ideally, on a scholarly project commenced in a previous seminar or course. It is designed to enable students to take a piece of writing to the stage where it is publishable, and to help them to develop the skills to do so with other scholarly writing.

The seminar proceeds in three phases.

First, students identify the research that they wish to develop in the seminar, and they consult on ways to develop and refine the research. They present their paper proposal to the class for comment and discussion and provide comment on the proposals of other members of the seminar.

Second, based on the proposal and the discussion, students conduct further research and writing in order to craft the substance and structure of their papers. Based on an outline prepared for the class, they present their papers and receive feedback on the analysis and the direction of the argument.

Third, as the papers progress through initial drafts, the students participate in intensive editing workshops to provide them with techniques for improving the quality of their writing.