Tax Lawyering

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(3370.03)  Seminar
J. Kutyan and T. Trieu, Adjunct Professors
3 credit(s)  2 hour(s);
Lecture, multimedia, discussion, and group work
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

The purpose of the seminar is to step back from the substantive context of tax law to examine the procedures and skills involved in working as a tax lawyer in various settings, whether in tax planning or tax controversy. It is structured around topics that are central to the practice of tax and focuses on the progression of a tax dispute from the planning stages through to litigation. It reviews key features of the audit, assessment, and appeals processes, with an emphasis on early resolution. Through the use of a case study, students will also learn about the basic structure of a tax appeal and gain familiarity with the procedures for litigating the appeal, from the perspective of the Crown and the taxpayer.