Services for Students

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Osgoode offers computing services to support students with computing needs, and enhanced teaching and learning.


You will be provided with an Osgoode Account in addition to the Passport York account through York University.  These accounts will provide you with access to the Internet, and to all other computing services.

Electronic Classrooms

Our classrooms are equipped with technology to create an effective teaching and learning environment.

E-Mail & Calendaring

A secure email and calendar platform is provided with advanced features, branded with

Electronic Exams

Discover more information about writing your exam electronically using Examsoft.

Internet Connectivity

Connect your devices to the wireless network.


A number of computer labs are available for students

Lecture Recordings

Audio and recordings of course materials presented in the classroom are offered for students requiring special accommodations.

Mobile Email

Osgoode’s branded email and calendar can be accessed and synchronized with iPhones, Android and Blackberry devices.


Moodle allows you to access course materials and announcements from the professor.


Osgoode students have access to a wide variety of discounted software and free downloads through York University.