eClass LMS

Service Details

The eClass Learning Management System (LMS) is powered by Moodle, and provides instructors with a place to share course materials online, and communicate with students.


Below is a list of commonly used features:

  • Post course announcements
  • Publish course materials
  • Link to online resources
  • Collaborate in discussion forums
  • Enable file uploads/downloads
  • Incorporate online quizzes and assignments
  • Use Turnitin anti-plagiarism tool
  • Grade learning activities

Using Moodle

Resources are available to help you use Moodle.

Student and Instructor Resources

Student FAQ

Accessing your Course Sites

You will automatically get access to your course sites 48 hours after you have been enrolled in the course.

If you are enrolled in a course and cannot see the site while signed into eClass, try these steps:

  1. Update your eClass Profile
    Ensure that you have updated your Moodle profile with a valid email address. You cannot get pass the Edit Profile page until you have confirmed your email address with the validation link that was sent to your email address.  We highly recommend that you use your Osgoode email address.

To update your profile, Sign In to, click on your full name in the upper-right corner of the page, and select Profile

  1. Correct Course Site
    Ensure you are accessing the correct course site. A few courses are cross-listed with another course at Osgoode or with another Faculty, and may be using the other course code for the primary course site.
  2. Consult with Classmates
    Consult with your fellow classmates whether they see the course site. If no one can see the course site, then consult with your instructor and remind them to make the course site visible to students.
  3. Confirm Enrolment Status
    Consult with your respective student services office for the course and confirm your enrolment status. Only officially enrolled students have access to a course site.
  4. Graduate Students Participating in a JD Course
    If you are a graduate student (Osgoode or OPD) participating in an JD course, then consult with your respective student services office about your access.
  5. Auditing Student
    If you are auditing a course, consult with the course instructor about your access.
  6. Get in touch with Osgoode ITS Helpdesk
    Finally, email after you have taken all the steps above.

Available For

  • Osgoode Students
  • Non-Osgoode Students Enrolled in Osgoode Courses


There is no charge for this service.