Printing and Scanning

Service Details

Printers and scanners are available for students in the Law Library.  Print jobs can be sent from personal laptop computers.

Note: For photocopying and printing, your YU-Card must have sufficient funds


  • A desktop scanner is located in the Computing Commons, in the Lower Law Library
  • Book scanners (made by Kik) are available in the Upper and Lower Law Library
  • A Passport York account is required to login to the workstations to use the scanners
  • See the related document, HOW TO Use the Library Scanner for additional details on scanning


  • A photocopier is located in the basement of the Law Library
  • Swipe your YU-card to begin copying


  • Print jobs can be sent to the printers in the Law Library from your personal computer
  • See Using the Student Printers for additional details on sending jobs
  • Printers are located in other areas of the York Campus. See the York Computing Website for more detail
Printer Location Finishing
LW-PRINT-GRAD 4082 (Grad only) B&W | Single sided
LW-PRINT-GRAD-DUPLEX 4082 (Grad only) B&W | Double sided
LW-LOWER_LIBRARY-BW-ONESIDE Lower Library B&W | Single sided
LW-LOWER_LIBRARY-BW_DUPLEX Lower Library B&W | Double sided
LW-LOWER_LIBRARY-COLOUR-ONESIDE Lower Library Colour | Single sided
LW-LOWER_LIBRARY-COLOUR-DUPLEX Lower Library Colour | Double sided
LW-UPPER_LIBRARY-BW-ONESIDE Upper Library B&W | Single sided
LW-UPPER_LIBRARY-BW-DUPLEX Upper Library B&W | Double sided

Printing Issues

If you have issues with a print job, please send an e-mail to containing as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Description of the issue
  2. Computer used to send the job – personal or lab. Include location if it is a lab.
  3. File name of the print job
  4. Type of job (e.g. Word document, PDF)
  5. Printer used (see table above)

Available For

  • Osgoode Students


Provide service costs or identify if there is no cost.