File Storage

Service Details

File storage services are offered through OneDrive.  Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that provides file hosting and synchronization services.  It is integrated with your Office 365 accounts, and works with other Office applications such as Word and Excel.

  • To access OneDrive, sign in to the Office 365 Web Portal with your Passport York credentials (
  • See Using OneDrive for details on how to use OneDrive
  • Microsoft OneDrive can sync files with your local computer. Note that you can only sync files up to the storage limit of your PC
  • Deleted files can be restored from up to 30 days
  • OneDrive gives you 5 TB of storage, with an individual file size maximum of 15 GB
  • Files can be accessed online and offline through Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices

Available For

  • Osgoode students
  • Non-Osgoode students taking Osgoode courses


There is no charge for this service.