Design Your Career – an “unconference” at Osgoode on March 3 – will provide students with tools to create a unique, rewarding and healthy career in the legal profession

Design Your Career_Newsroom

Design Your Career (DYC), which takes place on Friday, March 3, 2017 from 1 to 5 p.m. in Osgoode’s Helliwell Centre (Room 1014), is designed to allow students to engage in innovative and collaborative discussions with legal professionals as well as fellow JD and International LLM students.

“It’s meant to provide students with the tools to create a unique, rewarding, and healthy career in the legal profession, and beyond,” said Ellen Schlesinger, Osgoode Student Success and Wellness Counsellor and one of the organizers of the event. “DYC is based on the unconference model. Unlike a traditional conference where there are panels with speakers forming unilateral or didactic conversations, DYC will be a series of facilitated discussions and brainstorming initiatives that draw information and expertise from those in attendance.”

Schlesinger said students will have the opportunity to share and gain wisdom from the experiences of all the participants of DYC “for the purpose of gaining practical strategies to support their career.” At DYC, which is sponsored by Student Caucus, Student Services and the Dean’s Office, participants will be encouraged to discuss all issues affecting their career such as:
• Equity
• Gender
• Economic uncertainty
• Market availability
• Fairness in the hiring process
• Access to justice
• Wellness
• Alternatives to traditional practice

A full description of the DYC afternoon with a link to registration is available here.