Osgoode leads Ontario in student applications for third year running

Photo of Class of 2026
Osgoode’s Class of 2026

For the third consecutive year, Osgoode Hall Law School has attracted more applications for its JD program than any other law school in Ontario.

According to recently released statistics from the Ontario Law School Application Service, a division of the Ontario University Application Centre in Guelph, Ont., Osgoode received 2,867 applications in 2023 for its 2024-2025 first-year class of approximately 300 students.

“I think one powerful thing that our admissions numbers show, it is that we are highly desired, highly sought after,” said Manager, Admissions & Student Financial Services Marcos Ramos Jr.

“But also,” he added, “when you look at our numbers closely, we have one of the most, if not the most diverse class of students within Canada.”

That impressive diversity, he said, is a reflection of the law school’s longstanding holistic admissions policy and a determined effort by its recruiters to create Canada’s most diverse law school. Law students educated in that environment simply become better lawyers, said Ramos Jr.

“Academics are essential,” he noted, “but what makes an excellent lawyer is your social skills, right? And we’re bringing to students an understanding of different walks of life – be it class, race, creed, so on and so forth.”

In recruiting students for Osgoode, he noted, the law school’s recruiters look beyond strong academic skills to each applicant’s life story and passions.

“Show me the passion!” explained Ramos Jr. “Show me how you want to contribute.”