Osgoode Teaching Awards given to Mary Jane Mossman, François Tanguay-Renaud, John No, Alison R. Manzer and P. Bradley Limpert

Adjunct Professor John No_Newsroom

Teaching Awards for the 2016-17 academic year were presented to the following people at Osgoode Convocation Dinner on June 22, 2017:

Osgoode Full-Time Senior Faculty (10 years or more teaching experience) Award – Professor Mary Jane Mossman
Osgoode Full-Time Faculty (less than 10 years teaching experience) Award – Professor François Tanguay-Renaud
Osgoode Adjunct Faculty Award – John No (pictured above with Associate Dean Mary Condon)
Osgoode Professional LLM Teaching Award – Alison R. Manzer
Osgoode Professional Development CLE Contribution Award – P. Bradley Limpert

The Osgoode Hall Law School Teaching Awards are intended to honour those instructors who, through innovation and commitment, have significantly enhanced the quality of learning at Osgoode. The purpose of the awards is to provide significant recognition for excellence in teaching, to encourage its pursuit, to publicize such excellence, and to promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement.  Nominations for these awards come from students and faculty. Each nomination is accompanied by a statement setting out how and why the faculty member has met the criteria of teaching excellence in the current academic year. Recipients are selected by a committee.