Craig Scott, Karen Drake and Shelley Kierstead (who are pictured) along with Brad Ross, Sasha Baglay, Leslie Macleod and Patrick Case are this year’s recipients of Osgoode teaching or service awards

2019 Teaching Awards

The Osgoode Hall Law School Teaching Awards – honouring those who, through innovation and commitment, have significantly enhanced the quality of learning for Osgoode students – the Faculty Service Award, and Osgoode Professional Development Awards were handed out at our 2019 Convocation Dinner on June 20.

Congratulations to the following award recipients:

Professor Craig Scott: Full-Time Senior Faculty  (tenured faculty with 10 years or more teaching experience)

Professor Karen Drake: Full-Time Faculty  (tenured/tenure-stream faculty with less than 10 years’ teaching experience)

Brad Ross and Sasha Baglay: Adjunct Faculty

Professor Shelley Kierstead: Faculty Service Award (given to colleagues who dedicate significant time and passion to service commitments, to celebrate outstanding service contributions, and to acknowledge the indispensable role of collegial service in Osgoode’s culture and community)

Leslie Macleod (former Co-Academic Director of the Professional LLM in Alternative Dispute Resolution): Osgoode Professional Development Award

Patrick Case: Osgoode Professional Development CLE Contribution Award