Professors Stephanie Ben-Ishai and Ruth Buchanan awarded Osgoode Hall Research Fellowships

Professors Stephanie Ben-Ishai and Ruth Buchanan

Dean Lorne Sossin announced on April 7, 2015 that he has accepted the recommendations of the Research & Seminars Committee to award Osgoode Hall Research Fellowships next year to Professors Stephanie Ben-Ishai (left) and Ruth Buchanan. The Fellowship provides each professor with one term’s teaching release to allow for greater focus on their research.

Professor Ben-Ishai will be completing work on an empirical SSHRC-funded project on the topic of student loan debt. Students will be centrally involved in the analysis of the Canadian case law and will assist with the implementation of experiments.

Professor Buchanan will undertake a project that seeks to engage with embodied and material dimensions of global inequality. She will investigate critical literature on the subject of how we make the world make sense to ourselves, and how relevant insights affect the depiction of global income distribution. The main output will be a monograph that will contribute to ongoing work on the history of contours of the field of law and development.