Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Law Moot

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Law Moot (the “Moot”) is Canada’s first moot on immigration, refugee, and citizenship law. It is a national bilingual competition. The Moot’s purpose is to provide a unique opportunity for law students, judges, Organizing Committee members, decision-makers, academics, and practitioners from the public and private sectors to meet and debate problems of current importance in the fields of immigration refugee and citizenship law. The Moot’s objectives are to support and encourage legal education; to foster collegiality and collaboration in the legal community; and to promote interest in and appreciation for the fields of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship law.  Please click here for more information.

The Moot is administered by the Organizing Committee, comprised of a Lead Committee and two sub-committees. Members of the committees include judges and legal practitioners.

What You Need to Know

  • First Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship law moot in Canada
  • This is a national bilingual competition
  • The moot is held in March


  • The team is comprised of four oralists and one researcher
  • Interested students should apply through the upper year consolidated mooting tryouts


  • Team members receive three graded credits for their participation, which will be applied in the Winter term
  • Team members are required to enroll in the Appellate Advocacy Workshop and will receive two credits for their participation, which will be applied in the Fall term
  • Team members are expected to have completed Immigration Law, or Refugee Law by the Fall of the year they compete