Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Cup

Each year Ontario Trial Lawyers Association lawyers (“OTLA”) volunteer their time to support the development of trial skills, civility, and professionalism among law school students by organizing the OTLA Cup. Law schools from across Ontario compete in a simulated trial that covers all aspects of a real court case. Participants will get an opportunity to prepare an opening, call evidence in chief and cross-examination and closing to a simulated jury.  The topics of the moot are generally in the area of personal liability and torts.  The OTLA Cup is held each year in a courthouse, rotating among various cities around the province, and is presided over by a local judge, with OTLA members making up the jury. Through the generous support of various law firms, the OTLA Cup award prizes to the law students who exemplify the best in trial advocacy.  Osgoode has had a history of success in this competition.  Please click here for more information.

What you need to know

  • The competition is held in various cities around the province


  • Teams are comprised of two students
  • Team members will be selected via the Trial Advocacy seminar at the end of the Fall term


  • Team members receive three graded credits for their participation, which will be applied in the Winter term
  • Team members are NOT required to enroll in the Appellate Advocacy Workshop