The Laskin

The Laskin Cup is named after former Chief Justice of Canada, Bora Laskin, one of Canada’s greatest jurists and administrative and constitutional law scholars. It deals with administrative and constitutional matters within the jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Canada. Taking the form of a fictitious appeal to an appellate court of last resort, this is Canada’s premier bilingual moot court competition; unlike other competitions, at least one member of each team must submit a factum and present oral arguments in the other official language of Canada. It is an excellent opportunity for bilingual Osgoode students to practice their written and oral advocacy in the French language.  Please click here for more information.

What You Need to Know

  • This is an administrative/constitutional law moot
  • The Cup usually takes place towards the end of February
  • A different Canadian city hosts the competition each year


  • The team is comprised of four oralists and one researcher
  • Each school must put forward at least one mooter in each of the official languages of Canada
  • Interested students should apply through the upper year consolidated mooting tryouts


  • Team members receive three graded credits for their participation, which will be applied in the Winter term
  • Team members are required to enroll in the Appellate Advocacy Workshop, and will receive two credits for their participation, which will be applied in the Fall term