Credit Transfer and Other General Information


Students are eligible to apply for study abroad programs if they:

  • have or will have completed at least one year of full-time study at Osgoode Hall Law School
  • have a ‘B’ average or above
  • meet the language, academic or other requirements of the host university.

Credits and Transcripts

If you pursue an exchange or summer study program, you are responsible for ensuring that you are meeting all degree requirements at Osgoode and in any joint program in which you’re enrolled.

On exchange, you’re expected to carry a full course load at your host university – typically the equivalent of 15 Osgoode credits. Before you go, you must have your course selections approved and confirm their credit value. Please email your course enrolment to Elisa Felleti Cevallos, International & Academic Programs Coordinator (JD Program).

To receive credit toward your Osgoode JD degree from your studies abroad, you must pass all courses and provide Osgoode with final transcripts from your host institution. Grades from international programs are not calculated into your Osgoode GPA. Your Osgoode transcript will indicate that you studied abroad and will refer readers to your host school’s transcript for grades.

Avoiding Scheduling Conflicts

If you plan to go on exchange, make sure you review the term dates of your host institution to ensure that you won’t be away for key interviewing periods related to articling or summer positions. On-campus interviews for second year summer positions at Canadian law firms and other employers are held in the fall semester of second year. Other summer hiring activity usually happens in the winter semester of second year. Articling recruitment begins in the summer following second year.