Letters of Permission

In addition to the wide range of formal exchange opportunities available through Osgoode and York, the Letter of Permission (LOP) program enables students interested in studying abroad to arrange their own international study placement at an approved law school.

Please note, students on LOP pay tuition at the host institution, not at Osgoode.  Therefore, students are neither eligible for financial assistance through the Ontario Students Assistance Program (OSAP) nor the Osgoode Bursary Program.


  1. Request an LOP from Osgoode.
    The LOP application form is found on MyJD.  Complete the application and upload into MyJD for approval.
  2. Apply to the Proposed LOP Law Faculty.
    It is the student’s responsibility to research and meet the exchange institution’s admissions requirements, application deadlines, credit requirements, sessional dates, and tuition rates. Please note that applicants must obtain an LOP from Osgoode before they apply to the host university.
  3. Notify the Programs and Records Office of Acceptance at the LOP School.
    Students should email this information to Elisa Felleti Cevallos International and Academic Programs Coordinator.
  4. Obtain Final Course Selection Approval from the Programs & Records Office
    You may require special permission from the host university to take additional courses in order to meet your Osgoode credit requirements. If you need written assistance from Osgoode to obtain this permission, request it when you submit your LOP application.