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Official transcripts are required from each postsecondary institution you have attended.  If you have attended or are currently enrolled at an Ontario university you must use the OUAC Transcript Request Form (TRF).   If you have attended or are currently enrolled at an Ontario college you may use the TRF.  By completing the TRF and forwarding the appropriate fees, you authorize OUAC to arrange for your official transcripts to be sent to OLSAS.  You do not need to contact the Registrar’s office directly if you use the TRF.

Final official transcripts which include all current-year course work must be submitted by those who have received an offer of admission or who have a decision pending by June 30 of the year you intend to start the JD Program.  Applicants who attend an Ontario university must use the TRF – Professional Division to order your final transcripts.  You can access this form by logging in to your submitted application using your User ID and password, and selecting the appropriate link.

Grade Conversions

Grades from a North American university are converted to a standard 4.0 system in order to provide a uniform basis for comparing applicants.  The conversion of grades is based on a standard table agreed to by the seven Ontario law schools and is applied by OLSAS. The OLSAS grade conversion table is available here.

Foreign and Private Universities

Transcripts from outside North America are not converted by OLSAS.  Applicants must ensure foreign credentials are the equivalent to a recognized Canadian degree before applying.  An evaluation of foreign credentials from the World Education Service is required.  This evaluation must be based on a course-by-course assessment and must specify Canadian degree, grade and credit hour equivalency.  Universities in the United States are exempt from this requirement.