Upper-Year and Exchange Applicants

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Credit/No Credit Grades due to COVID-19:  We recognize that many law schools have moved to a credit/no credit model, or some variation thereof, for the winter 2020 term.  We will not draw an adverse inference if your law school mandates this or if you elect to choose this option.  A 1L course with a credit is considered successfully completed.   Any grades on your law transcript (including fall term grades), alongside your law professor’s academic reference will be considered in our assessment of your law school performance.  As always, all other components of your application, including LSAT, undergraduate grades and personal statement remain relevant to our assessment of your application.   There are no changes to the eligibility requirements, application procedure or deadlines.


Osgoode accepts applications from students who wish to:

  • Transfer to the second year of the JD Program from another common law school;
  • Spend one year studying at Osgoode on a Letter of Permission, with their courses being counted towards their degree at their home school;
  • Practise law in Canada with an international law degree by completing the National Committee on Accreditation assigned subjects at a Canadian law school; or
  • Study at Osgoode and are currently registered at one of our partner institutions.