Curricular Streams

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Students interested in a particular subject area can focus their studies by enrolling in one of the following curriculum streams:

  •  International, Comparative and Transnational Law
  • Labour and Employment Law
  • Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and the Administration of Justice
  • Tax Law

By providing an organized sequence of courses in particular subject areas, the curriculum streams provide guidance and structure, ensuring students receive a comprehensive, challenging, and well-rounded education in the subject area. The curriculum streams will also:

  • equip students with the necessary critical lawyering skills to engage with difficult and complex problems
  • encourage intellectual collaboration
  • develop student expertise in the subject area, exposing them to the significant theories, principles and conceptual frameworks

Each curriculum stream concludes with a capstone course in third year. In the capstone course, students engage in a major research and writing exercise that will consolidate, deepen, and enrich their understanding of the subject area.

Each stream is supervised by a faculty convenor, who reviews the course of studies selected by each student in the stream and convenes a student meeting in the fall to discuss the curriculum and answer questions. The faculty convenor also administers the regulations governing the stream and has broad discretion to:

  • grant program credit for non-program courses and courses completed at other institutions while on exchange or letter of permission
  • permit courses to be taken out of order
  • recommend to the Assistant Dean, Students that a student enrol in more than two seminars in a term