Osgoode Chambers – Housing

A great law school deserves a great residence. Osgoode Chambers provides a comfortable, convenient and affordable home away from home for Osgoode Hall Law School students. Located across the street from the Law School in the award-winning Passy Gardens housing complex, Osgoode Chambers offers tastefully furnished bachelor and one-bedroom townhouse suites. Every suite is self-contained with a kitchen and bathroom. When you need a break from working, you can relax, watch a widescreen TV, and enjoy the company of your Osgoode neighbours in the Owls’ Nest.

At Osgoode Chambers you will enjoy:

  • The opportunity to live among and establish relationships with other law students and graduate students
  • Access to upper-year mentors who offer invaluable support and guidance as you begin your legal studies at Osgoode
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Centrally located laundry facilities
  • Proximity to classes, friends, food (there are about 40 restaurants and food kiosks on campus) and recreation facilities, including an adjacent football field
  • A great view, overlooking a lovely woodlot and a pond, with a courtyard where trees, park benches and a barbecue beckon
  • Easy access to the city’s attractions with an on-campus subway stop
  • The York University campus 24-hour security and the “Go Safe” escort program

Securing your spot at Osgoode Chambers

Suites are allocated to incoming JD students on a first-come, first‑served basis. You can apply for housing once you have firmly accepted Osgoode’s offer of admission. We encourage you to apply to Osgoode Chambers as early as possible.  Pending availability, applying by June 1 will highly increase your chances of securing a unit.

If you have just been admitted to Osgoode, you can apply to live in on-campus housing and Osgoode Chambers here.