Advanced Torts

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(2480.03)  Course
Professor D. Priel
3 credit(s)  3 hour(s);
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

The first-year tort law course covers the basic concepts of tort law by focusing on a small number of torts. Most of the course is dedicated to the tort of negligence. But tort law is more than negligence. Most of this course will be dedicated to other torts. After some coverage of aspects of negligence not considered in detail in the basic course, we will turn to tort liability of public authorities (both using negligence and on the basis of other torts), the various regimes governing motor vehicle liability across Canada (with particular focus on Ontario law), economic torts (e.g., deceit, passing off, inducing breach of contract), and (if we have time) defamation and privacy. The aim of the course is thus to provide a broader understanding of tort as well as a deeper understanding of some of the issues discussed in the basic course, with particular focus on the way tort law interacts with insurance and governmental regulation.