Legal Ethics

Quick Info
(2059.03)  Course
M. Mercer; Adjunct Professor
3 credit(s)  3 hour(s);
Synchronous online seminar discussion and group presentations
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to think imaginatively and critically about issues in legal ethics and professionalism as well as to help students understand the basic ethical and professional context in which those issues can and do arise today. The course examines both individual professional responsibility and the regulation of legal profession by the Law Society. The course has two main goals.

1. The course introduces students to ethics and professional responsibility in the legal profession and to legal services regulation. Our focus, through readings, in-class discussions, will be both conceptual and practical. Students will be expected to participate extensively.
2. The course is also designed to provide students with an opportunity to focus on identifying particularly noteworthy ethical or professional issues and to present one issue both in a team-based class setting and another issue through a research paper.