Legal Ethics

Quick Info
(2059.03)  Course
B. Bethell; Adjunct Professor
3 credit(s)  3 hour(s);
Remote (Zoom), Synchronous online, lecture-based with opportunities for discussion, review, and problem-solving. Mode of Delivery: This seminar will be run remotely on Zoom. A physical room will be available at Osgoode where students can do the remote classes if they are at Osgoode, rather than only having the option of joining from home.
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

Legal ethics may be one of the only subjects in law school that every lawyer will encounter in practice. This course invites students to deeply engage, both conceptually and practically, with foundational principles of legal ethics, as well as a lawyer’s duties and responsibilities to clients, the profession, and the wider community.  We will discuss how we solve complicated problems that present themselves frequently (and often unexpectedly) in countless ways over the course of our professional lives. We will explore current practical dilemmas in different practice areas, along with international comparisons.  We will also explore the influences of the adversary system on the pursuit of justice.