Workshops, Colloquia and Forums

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Professor Ben Berger

At Osgoode Hall Law School, workshops and colloquia supplement our traditional lectures, as faculty members, students and legal practitioners come together to engage in open dialogue about current research and emerging legal scholarship.

Osgoode hosts over 60 workshops and colloquia each academic year. Each event consists of students, faculty and other members of the legal community meeting and discussing a paper or presentation by an invited guest.

Unlike in-class learning, these gatherings promote intellectual legal discussions and knowledge exchange with peers, and feature some of the world’s most distinguished legal scholars.

Comparative Research in Law and Political Economy Forum

The forum for Comparative Research in Law and Political Economy (CLPE) provides a portal for scholars to engage in inter-disciplinary work in law, political science, economics, sociology, history, and human geography on a series of focused problems in the delivery of social goods and services under contemporary market frameworks.

International Law in the Global South (ILIGS) Research Seminar Series

Established with a grant from the Harry Arthurs Fund, the International Law in the Global South (ILIGS) Research Seminar Series was inaugurated during the 2015-16 academic year by a group of faculty from Osgoode Hall Law School. Open to all, this seminar series focused on International law from a TWAILian perspective, with discussions centred on a work-in-progress presented by younger academics from around the world.  An assigned “discussant” led the way during the question-and-answer periods that followed each such seminar.

Law.Arts.Culture Colloquium

The Law.Arts.Culture Colloquium aims to explore the intersection of Law and the Arts, in an effort to foster a multidisciplinary research community, and promote a humanistic legal education in which students reflect on diverse images of justice, their cultural sources, and the role of law in producing the stories a society tells about itself.

Osgoode Colloquium on Law, Religion & Social Thought

The Osgoode Colloquium on Law, Religion & Social Thought features leading thinkers addressing theoretical and social questions regarding law and religion in contemporary society.  The only forum of its kind in Canada, the colloquium is insistently multidisciplinary, drawing on creative and provocative thinkers from a variety of relevant disciplines, including law, political theory, religious studies, philosophy, sociology, and history.