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Reproduction, Copyright and Fair Dealing

Document reproduction using library printers, scanners and photocopiers are for research, private study, and education-related uses. Prior to reproducing copyrighted material on campus, please refer to York University’s Copyright and You and Fair Dealing Guidelines for more information on the allowable limits of reproducing copyrighted material at York University. Osgoode Hall Law School Library and its staff are not responsible for any copyright or York University fair dealing guideline infringement that may result from a user’s operation of document reproduction equipment.


Printing from your own computer within the Library is available to members of the Osgoode community using York’s WebPrint. There are two network laser printers available for printing:

  • The printer in the Upper Library is located in the Harris-Taylor Family Reading Room
  • The printer in the Lower Library is located in the Copy Room (room 0010A)


Black and White$0.10 per side*
Colour$0.25 per side*

*Double-sided printing is charged as two pages.


Scanning is available on both student photocopiers located in room 0010A on the lower floor of the Osgoode library as well as on the upper floor. You also have the option to use the KIC Image scanners located on both floors.

Microtext Scanning

Microtext (film and fiche) is located in cabinets in the Lower Library. To view microform content, login to the microform workstation and open the viewing software ScanPro 2000. If the microform machine is unavailable, visit the Osgoode circulation desk with your microtext  so you may view it in Scott Library’s microtext room.


A photocopier is located in the Lower Library print and photocopy room, 0010A. Single-sided photocopies are 10 cents ($0.10) for black and white. Colour photocopying is unavailable. Double-sided photocopying is charged as two pages.

How to Pay

The YU-card is the exclusive payment method for photocopying and printing services in the Library. If you are a non-York member or visitor and do not have a YU-card, you can purchase a Guest Card from the YU-card dispenser and account station located in the library’s print and photocopy room, 0010A, or at the Scott Library.  Please see Circulation Staff for a Guest ID to validate your Guest Card prior to use.

There is no charge for using document scanners or the microform machine. Library staff are happy to provide assistance with reproduction equipment.