New Faculty

Welcome to Osgoode Hall Law School.  We are happy to have you on board!  Here’s some information on getting setup with your computing services.


Your Passport York account is your sign in credential for all computing services.  You will have been asked to create a Passport York account as part of your HR Onboarding process.

More Information: See our Accounts page for more information about using your Passport York account.

Two-Factor Authentication: Note that when you sign in to your account, you will be prompted to setup two-factor authentication.  The best way to do this is to install Duo Mobile from the App store or Google Play Store on your mobile phone or iPad, and then follow the instructions when prompted.

See Duo Two-Factor Authentication for detailed instructions and alternative setup methods.

E-mail and Calendaring

Access your e-mail and calendar in the way that is most convenient for you.  See Accessing E-mail and Calendaring to  access your e-mail on your desktop or on your mobile device.

Once you have access to your e-mail, follow these instructions to find out what your e-mail address is:

  1. Open the address book by clicking To in a new e-mail message
  2. Find your contact in the list
  3. The e-mail address displayed is your e-mail address

Workstations and Mobile Phones

Faculty are eligible for workstations through Osgoode’s Computer Renewal Program (CRP).

Osgoode ITS will contact you to provide you with options for purchasing your workstation.

If you would like to look into getting a mobile phone from your faculty account, please send an e-mail to

File Storage Services

Your OneDrive account provides you 1TB of storage  to store files.  You can access your OneDrive files through a web browser, or by syncing files to your computer.

Printing and Scanning

Osgoode has high speed multi-function printers for printing and scanning documents.

See Printing, Scanning and Copying for more details.

eClass Learning Management System

Osgoode uses eClass, powered by Moodle, as the learning management system.  Become more familiar with eClass and its features.

Classroom Technology

All classrooms at Osgoode have built in technology.  Instructions are available in the rooms for how to use it, and additional assistance can be booked in advance.