Services for Adjunct Faculty

Welcome to Osgoode Hall Law School.  We are pleased to have you on board!

Here’s how you can get setup with your computing services.

Teaching Resources

See our Online Teaching Resources page for more information on the tools and resources to help you plan and deliver your course.


You will receive instructions on activating your Passport York account.  This will give you access to the following services:

  • Wireless Internet (AirYorkPlus)
  • Computers in the classrooms
  • Zoom
  • eClass Course Websites
  • Access to email address (by default, this will be forwarded to your current email account)
  • Access to class lists and class photos

Two-Factor Authentication Requirement

When you sign in with your Passport York account, you will need to setup Duo Two-Factor authentication.  You can do this by installing Duo Mobile from the App Store, or Google Play Store, on your mobile device, and then following the instructions.

You can find detailed instructions on the Duo Two-Factor Authentication page.

E-mail and Calendaring

  • Your e-mail account is accessed through Office 365. See Accessing E-mail and Calendaring to  access your e-mail on your desktop or on your mobile device.
  • By default, your e-mail account is forwarded to your current e-mail address. You can follow these instructions to change your forwarding settings.
  • You can send e-mail to your class through eClass. See E-mailing your Class for detailed instructions.