Service Details

Your Passport York account provides access to all of your computing services at Osgoode.

Network Services (Wired and Wireless) Workstation Services
Printing and Scanning Services Teaching & Learning Services
Administrative & Business Services Communication & Collaboration Services
File Storage Services Web Services


There are three ways to sign in to services with Passport York.  Depending on the service, you will need to use one of the following methods.  The sign in screen on the service should indicate which method to use.

Method 1 – pyusername and password

Method 2 – yorku\pyusername and password

Method 3 – and password

Multi-Factor Authentication

York University Information Security and Osgoode ITS recommend that you use multi-factor authentication in order to enhance the security of your accounts and data.

Setup Duo Two-Factor Authentication to start using the service.

Changing your Password

  1. Go to Manage my Services (
  2. Check the box that reads Click this box before logging in to change your Passport York password.
  3. Sign in using your Passport York credentials
  4. Follow the instructions to change your password on the next screen

Updating your Password on your Workstation

  1. If you are not on campus, connect to VPN
  2. Press Windows + L to lock your screen
  3. Sign In to your computer with your updated password

If you are using your personal computer, you will need re-map any Network Share Drives that you normally use.

  1. Once you have changed your Passport York password, sign in to Pulse Secure using your Passport York username and new password
  2. Right-click on the Network Share Drive that you’re trying to access in “This PC”
  3. Click “Disconnect”
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Re-map the Network Share Drive using the following instructions on Accessing FAS Shared Volumes Remotely

Resetting a Forgotten Password

  1. Go to Manage my Services (
  2. Under Forgot your Password or Username? click Faculty and Staff
  3. Follow the instructions to reset your password on the next screen

Changing your Name

  1. Login to HR Self Serve
  2. Click Personal Details
  3. Click Primary Name Change

Note: It takes 24-48 hours before the name change will take effect.

Changing your Passport York Username

Note: If you choose to change your Passport York username, your workstation will need to be re-configured and your e-mail address will change.

  1. Send an e-mail to with the following information:
    1. Full Name
    2. Current Passport York username
    3. Three options for the new username (usernames have an eight-character limit)

Onboarding Employees

  1. Contact your affiliated department to get your accounts and access setup.
Employee Type Contact
YUSA / CPM Osgoode HR
YUSA II / RA / Work/Study Department Manager
YUTA Department Manager
Full Time / CLA Faculty Osgoode HR
Visiting / Adjunct Faculty Office of the Associate Dean
Visiting Scholars / Researchers Osgoode Research Office
Visiting Faculty Office of the Dean
Clinical Education Students Program Administrator


  1. The department manager will request the accounts and access, following the Onboarding Employees process

Offboarding Employees

Department managers must deactivate computing accounts and access for offboarded employees.  See the Offboarding Employees process for instructions.

Setting Up Accounts for Students

See Setting up Accounts for Students for instructions on helping students get their accounts.

Available For

  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Full Time / CLA Faculty
  • Visiting / Adjunct Faculty


Provide service costs or identify if there is no cost.