Mobile Phones

Service Details

Osgoode and York University have partnered with Rogers Wireless to offer mobile phones.

Requesting a Phone and Wireless Plan

  • Staff – For staff members requiring a phone, the department head must submit a request to with the following information:
    • Staff member’s name
    • Position Title
    • Current Osgoode mobile phone number (or indicate it is a new line)
  • Faculty – Faculty members can get a phone through the Rogers Employee Pricing plan, with the monthly cost reimbursed through their PER accounts. Go to the UIT Cell Phone Service Page for information on getting setup with your phone

Important Things to Consider

  • Please note that new or replacement phones can take ten or more business days to process. The exact time it takes to ship a phone depends on the vendor’s available stock, and a timeframe for the delivery of a new phone cannot be guaranteed.
  • Pricing plans and hardware costs are based on a two year contract term. Phones that need to be replaced in the middle of a contract term are charged at the full hardware cost.

Traveling with your Phone

  • If you are traveling with your phone, Rogers offers ‘Roam Like Home’ options for traveling
    • There is a charge per day for using Roam Like Home, and includes voice, text and data
    • Contact to request the current cost of the Roam Like Home charges
  • If you are traveling and do not want to activate Roam Like Home, turn off your mobile data when traveling
  • It is recommended to use WiFi wherever possible when traveling, even when paying for Roam Like Home, to avoid data overage charges

Lost or Stolen Phones

  1. Immediately report the theft or loss of a phone to Rogers Wireless: 1-877-274-3375
  2. After contacting Rogers, report the theft or loss of the phone to Osgoode ITS by sending an e-mail to

Note that lost or stolen phones must be replaced at the full hardware cost, unless the contract is currently eligible for an upgrade.  Osgoode ITS may be able to provide a loaner phone, subject availability.  If available, a loaner phone takes a minimum of two business days to

Damaged Devices

  • iPhones are covered for one year of warranty for defects, not for physical damage. If you are having an issue with your phone, book an appointment through the Apple Genius Bar.
  • If the phone cannot be repaired under warranty, Apple will provide a quote for repairing the phone. Provide the quote to your department head to receive approval to go ahead with a repair.
  • Replacements for damaged phones must be paid at the full hardware cost, unless the contract is currently eligible for an upgrade.

Available For

Availability for staff and CPM is dependent on approval from the department head.  For more details, contact

  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Full Time / CLA Faculty


Faculty members and/or departments are responsible for approving and paying for devices and monthly wireless plans.  Cost details are communicated as part of the request process.