SharePoint and OneDrive

Service Details

File storage services are offered through SharePoint and OneDrive for staff departments, research centres and faculty research and teaching.  SharePoint provides a web-based platform for document collaboration.  It is integrated with your Office 365 accounts, and works with other Office applications such as Word and Excel.  SharePoint can also be used for groups to collaborate on and share documents for projects.

Data Storage

  • All data must be stored on a FAS Shared Volume, SharePoint or OneDrive
  • Data should not be stored on local machines, USB flash drives or external hard drives
  • Data transfers should occur only through network shares, SharePoint and OneDrive (e-mail can be used only when required)

Staff Departments and Research Centres

  • Files can be access through the Office 365 Web Portal
  • Files can be synced to your local computer through the OneDrive application, as well as through mobile device apps
  • SharePoint is configured with access management to restrict access to folders for approved individuals
  • Deleted files can be restored from up to 30 days

Creating a SharePoint Site

Requests for a  new SharePoint site must be made by departmental managers, through

Deleting a SharePoint Site

  1. Send an e-mail to with the URL of the SharePoint site you would like to delete
    1. You can get the URL by going to your SharePoint site, and copying and pasting the link from your browser

Full Time and CLA Faculty

  • Cloud storage for faculty is offered through Microsoft OneDrive, part of the Microsoft 365 Suite of applications
  • Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that provides file hosting and synchronization services
  • OneDrive provides 5 TB of storage, with an individual file size maximum of 15 GB
  • Files can be accessed online and offline through Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices
  • Microsoft OneDrive can sync files with your local computer. Note that you can only sync files up to the storage limit of your PC
  • Deleted files can be restored from up to 93 days

Migrating to OneDrive

See OneDrive Migration for details on how to move your files to OneDrive.

Available For

  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Full Time / CLA Faculty
  • Visiting / Adjunct Faculty


  • There is no additional charge for SharePoint and OneDrive