File Access Service

Service Details

File storage services are offered through UIT’s File Access Service (FAS) for staff departments and research centres.  Departments and research centres can host files on SharePoint, and more details can be found on our SharePoint and OneDrive page.

  • Departmental shared volumes are provisioned through FAS and accessed through mapped drives
  • FAS is configured with Access Control Lists (ACL) to restrict access to management approved individuals
  • Deleted files can be restored from up to 30 days
  • File shares can be accessed remotely through MyApps or VPN; see Accessing FAS Shared Volumes Remotely for instructions

Data Storage

  • All data must be stored on a FAS Shared Volume, SharePoint or OneDrive
  • Data should not be stored on local machines, USB flash drives or external hard drives
  • Data transfers should occur only through network shares, SharePoint and OneDrive (e-mail can be used only when required)

Requesting Access to a FAS Shared Volume

E-mail, specifying the network folder to access, and the Passport York username of the individual requiring access.  This e-mail must be sent by a data owner.

Creating or Changing FAS Shared Volumes

E-mail to request a new volume or to change the structure of an existing volume.  The request must be sent by the data owner.

Restoring Deleted Folders and Files

Follow these instructions to restore data from within 30 days of deletion.

  1. Right-click on the parent folder and select Restore previous versions
    1. Find the version of the folder prior to the time the file/folder was deleted
    2. Right-click on the file or folder to restore, and click Copy
    3. Paste the file on the desktop, and then replace it on the appropriate network folder
  2. If you are having trouble restoring a folder, e-mail with the following information:
    1. Path to deleted files/folders
    2. Name(s) of files and folders
    3. Deletion date and approximate deletion time

Available For

  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff


FAS network volumes are charged back to the owner’s department, at a cost of $0.105 per GB, per month (minimum 50 GB).