Business Applications

Service Details

Osgoode ITS and York University provide applications and services to assist with business processes, business continuity and process improvement.  Consultations are provided for research projects, grants, and other initiatives.  Osgoode ITS will help with:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Analysis of client needs and translation into technical/system requirements
  • Documentation of applications / services
  • Risk assessment

Requesting the Service

  • E-mail with details of the request
  • The request will be reviewed for consideration as a project and initial requirements gathering takes place
  • Management and York’s enterprise architecture committee approval are required once initial requirements are outlined

Available For

  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Full Time / CLA Faculty
  • Visiting / Adjunct Faculty


  • Costs may apply depending on specific project requirements, such as for storage, equipment, software licenses and overtime for staff
  • Vendor costs may apply as part of the project
  • Operational costs may apply to running a service once an implementation project is completed