Recording Lectures with Zoom

It is recommended to use the cloud recording functionality in Zoom to record Synchronous classes.  If you are recording an asynchronous class, it is recommended to use Panopto.

Recording the Lecture

Detailed instructions to record your lecture using Zoom can be found on our Video Conferencing page.

  1. Click the Record button within the Zoom conference window to begin recording
  2. Click the Stop button within the Zoom conference window to end the recording
  3. You will receive an e-mail when the recording has been uploaded to your Zoom profile

Uploading the Lecture to eClass via Panopto

It is recommended to upload the lecture to eClass via Panopto.

  1. Sign into Zoom using your Passport York credentials
  2. Click Recordings on the left
  3. For the recording you want to download, click More -> Download
  4. Sign into Panopto using your Passport York credentials
  5. Click Browse on the left side, then expand Private twice
  6. Select the course to which you would like to upload the recordings
  7. Click Create then Upload Media
  8. Drag the file to the upload box, the file will upload automatically