The Honourable Marshall Rothstein appointed Distinguished Visiting Professor

Osgoode Dean Lorne Sossin made the following announcement to the Osgoode community on January 6, 2016:

“In this first announcement of the new year, I am pleased to advise that The Honourable Marshall Rothstein has been appointed a Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Mr. Rothstein, who has made rich and varied contributions to the law over the past 50 years including serving on the Supreme Court of Canada from March 2006 until his retirement in August 2015, officially joined the Law School on January 1 for a one-year term. As Distinguished Visiting Professor, he will be involved with a broad range of academic activities focused on interactions with Osgoode students. He will work closely with IP Osgoode – the Law School’s flagship Intellectual Property Law and Technology Program – as well as in areas of Tax and Administrative Law.

In addition to his work as Distinguished Visiting Professor, Mr. Rothstein is currently an Associate Counsel at Hunter Litigation Chambers in Vancouver, where his primary focus is as an arbitrator on complex commercial and public law cases.

Mr. Rothstein is one of the great legal figures in this country, and we are honoured that he will be sharing his experience, insights, vision and humour with the Osgoode community. I know that he will make a lasting impression on our students and faculty and important contributions to the Law School.”