#OZWELCOME Taylor Potts – osgoode.yorku.ca/newsroom/

As a former national team athlete, I came to school with the vague notion of working in sport. One year and one first-year curriculum later, my idea of where I’ll end up is still vague – and that’s a good thing.

Osgoode provides opportunities. With each class I took I learned a little more about law and a little more about myself. While I’m still interested in advancing our Canadian sport system, I realized I was drawn to criminal law as well. And oral advocacy. And the entertainment sector. And civil litigation. The list goes on. For every new aspect of law I enjoyed, an enthusiastic professor, student group, or guest presentation at Osgoode accompanied it. I often approached these guest speakers to ask about their career path. The answers were almost always the same: it was a winding path across many fields of law. Osgoode offers you opportunities to follow just that.

I’m excited to come back to Osgoode to explore and create new interests. I’m also excited to start my Criminal Intensive Program this winter – something I would have never imagined applying for before I joined the Osgoode team. And those are just the academic aspects of life at Oz: the friends I’ve made here are incredible. Bonding over bar nights at the JCR, grabbing a coffee between classes, and late-night study groups are only some of the ways you’ll meet some of the greatest friends to accompany you on your own amazing path at Osgoode.