PhD candidate, Sam Skinner ’19 Heads to World Championship

Sam Skinner

In a remarkable tale of dedication and discipline, Sam Skinner has achieved what many might consider the pinnacle of dual careers in both law and sport. Beginning their journey into Muay Thai kickboxing in September 2016, the same month they embarked on JD program at Osgoode Hall Law School, they have now been invited to join Team Canada at the prestigious IFMA World Championship tournament in Greece, running from May 31 to June 10, 2024.

While navigating the rigorous demands of law school, Sam, alongside a group of fellow Section B students, practiced Muay Thai throughout their first term. Their passion for the sport led them to York Muay Thai where they continued to refine their skills. Upon graduating in 2019, Samantha moved downtown, simultaneously launching their legal career through articling and stepping into the ring for their first amateur fight before being called to the Bar of Ontario.

Since then, Sam has amassed an impressive record in amateur fighting, a testament to their dedication and skill. This hard-earned record and their unwavering commitment to the sport have now earned them a place on Team Canada, marking a significant milestone in their Muay Thai career.

“It’s an absolute dream and honour to be called to represent Team Canada,” said Sam.

Currently enrolled in a PhD program in law at Osgoode, they manage to maintain a rigorous training schedule alongside their academic responsibilities. This balance exemplifies an extraordinary level of discipline and time management, allowing them to pursue excellence in both the legal field and the competitive world of Muay Thai.