Professional Student Lines of Credit

Professional student lines of credit are a key funding source for most law students. We can point you in the right direction.

Things to Remember

It’s your responsibility at the beginning of each academic year to contact the financial institution where you have a student line of credit (or where you want to establish one) to secure funding for the next academic year, including your year of articling.

Having your student line of credit in place is a requirement for the Osgoode bursary program, so we strongly recommend that you arrange for this over the summer, so as not to delay your bursary funding.

Research Your Options

Many financial institutions offer loan programs and other banking benefits specifically for students of professional schools. It’s worth taking the time to do your research about the various financial programs available from all banks, and choose the right institution for you. You will be eligible for a bursary regardless of which institution provides you with a line of credit. Please note that for a bursary program, if you are denied by your first choice of institution, we require a second application to either RBC, TD or Scotiabank as those banks have programs in place for students of professional schools.

Proof of Enrollment

If you are an incoming first year student and your bank requires proof that you are enrolled in the JD program, please send a request to Please note that until you are enrolled in the program in July, we can only confirm that you have accepted our offer of admission.