Funding Sources

Every year, Osgoode awards more than $5 million in student funding through both traditional and progressive financial aid programs, all designed to improve access to legal education and reduce debt upon graduation. In addition to offering our own innovative and robust financial aid programs, we make students aware of financial resources available from other sources, including externally funded awards and government supports.

Government Funding

Most Osgoode students rely on federal and provincial student loan programs. Additional government funding is available for Indigenous students and students with disabilities.

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Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

Osgoode offers numerous financial awards for outstanding academic performance and other forms of achievement.

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Need-based Funding

Many students with financial need access funding through our bursary program. Bursaries make up the bulk of our support program: of the $5 million in financial aid that we deliver each year, more than $3 million is awarded through bursaries. For students in exceptional circumstances, we offer emergency funding.

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Professional Student Lines of Credit

Many banks offer professional student lines of credit designed specifically for law students. Once you’ve identified the financial institution that best meets your needs, we’ll be glad to connect you with individuals at nearby branches who are familiar with the needs of Osgoode students. For a list of our bank contacts, please email:

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Other Opportunities for Support Through Osgoode

We’ve developed several progressive approaches for improving access to legal education at Osgoode – and reducing debt upon graduation.

Canada’s First Income Contingent Loan Program (ICLP)

Each year, selected Osgoode students are able to enter the JD program fully funded by a bursary and a loan provided through the ICLP. Qualifying students are required to repay the loan portion of their funding within 10 years of graduating – provided their income at that point is sufficient.

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Graduating Scholarships, Including Those Designed for Debt Relief

Osgoode offers a number of graduating scholarships designed to help students reduce their debt; they are primarily designated for graduates who have high educational debt and are pursuing careers in social justice.

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