Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

Osgoode Hall Law School is grateful to its generous donors who have contributed to our extensive collection of scholarships, prizes and awards.

Entrance Scholarships and Awards

All incoming students who have completed the Financial Statement with their application to law school by the November 1st application deadline will be automatically considered for all scholarships.

Entrance scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. They range in size, from a few thousand dollars up to our most prestigious renewable awards at $30,000 over three years.

To be competitive for scholarships, applicants generally require an LSAT score in the 80th percentile or greater and a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or greater. This may vary for scholarships with specific criteria and should be used as a guide only, it is not a guarantee of a scholarship.

See a complete listing and description of our entrance scholarships.

Upper Year Scholarships and Awards

Current students are automatically considered for all upper year scholarships, which are awarded based on academic merit and financial need. Only students who completed a bursary application that evidenced financial need will be considered for scholarships with a financial need criteria. No application is required, except of one upper year scholarship, the Alexander David McKenzie Scholarship; eligible students are contacted by Osgoode and invited to apply.

See a complete listing and description of our upper year scholarships.

Medals and Prizes

Each year, Osgoode Hall Law School awards medals and prizes to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic distinction and/or significant contributions to the Law School. These include:

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded to students who, over three years of study, performed at the top of their graduating class
  • The Hennick Medal, awarded annually to the student graduating from the JD/MBA program with the highest cumulative grade point average over their two degrees
  • The Dean’s Gold Key Awards for graduating Osgoode students who have made an outstanding contribution to the Law School
  • Class Standing Prizes for students with the highest standing throughout law school
  • Course and Subject Area Prizes for students who achieve the highest grade in specific courses or papers
  • Discretionary Awards for Excellence Beyond Academic Achievement for students who apply and/or are nominated for a variety of non-academic achievements or contributions during law school.

See a complete listing and description of all medals, awards and prizes.

The Student Handbook on MyOsgoode has procedural information on all Scholarships, Awards and Prizes.